First International Tomas Juzeliūnas Contemporary Piano Music Competition for Young Pianists


1.1 1st International Tomas Juzeliūnas Contemporary Piano Music Competition is organized by Public Enterprise Muzikų forumas. Partners of the competition are Vilnius B.Jonušas Music School and Public Enterprise Muzikos sala.

1.2 The competition is open to young pianists from all over the world born in 2004 and later.

1.3 Participants of the competition are divided into 4 age groups:

Group A – pianists born 01-01-2013 and later
Group B – pianists born 01-01-2010 and later
Group C – pianists born 01-01-2007 and later
Group D – pianists born 01-01-2004 and later



2.1 The International Piano Competition will be held online. Online registration is available from February 1 to March 10, 2023 at Applicants will have to fill in an online form and submit a high quality video performance. Audio or video recordings of poor quality will not be evaluated.

2.2 The submitted video recording of the contestant’s entire performance must be continuous and uninterrupted. Merging several videos into one piece will be considered a violation of the competition regulations.

2.3 All pieces of music must be played solo from memory.

2.4 All video recordings of the participants will be available at and will be openly accessible from March 18, 2023.

2.5 Competition entry fee is €20. The fee is non-refundable. A copy of the payment order must be attached to the contestant’s online form during registration. Payment data:


Beneficiary Public Enterprise Muzikų forumas
Bank SEB
IBAN account number  LT03 7044 0901 0372 8011
Payment purpose Applicant’s first name, surname and Competition entry fee


2.6 Contestants’ performance will be evaluated by an international jury. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to any appeal.

2.7 The main evaluation criteria of the jury are the following:
(1) musicality of the performer, (2) performance technique, (3) artistry, (4) complexity of the program.

2.8 Participants will be informed about the results of the competition via email before March 19.

2.9 The winners of the competition will be invited to take part in an official results announcement ceremony and laureates’ concert which will be held on May 13, 2023 at 5 p.m. in Vilnius Town Hall. Non-attendance will be considered a violation of the competition regulations and the winner’s name will not be awarded. The laureates’ concert will be video recorded and photographed. The video recordings and photos will be accessible at

2.10 The pieces which the winners of the competition will play in the award ceremony will be chosen by the jury.

2.11 The winners of the competition give consent to participate free of charge in the laureates’ concert.

2.12 Travel expenses to Vilnius as well as the cost of accommodation and meals are covered by the participants themselves.

2.13 In case the conditions of the competition are not clear enough, the text in Lithuanian is to be considered the primary one.



3.1 Participants of the competition must play a piece / pieces of any country’s composer/ composers born January 1, 1960 and later . A music piece / pieces of composer Tomas Juzeliūnas must be included in the competition program.

3.2 Tomas Juzeliūnas’ piano pieces are accessible at Download in pdf format is free.

3.3 All pieces must be played without repeats.

3.4 Performance order is free.

3.5 Contestants may perform their own piano pieces.

3.6 According to the age category, the duration of the participants’ performance is the following:

Group A up to 3 min.
Group B up to 7 min
Group C up to 10 min.
Group D up to 15 min.

A slight overrun of program duration will not affect the participant’s evaluation.


4.1 Winners of the competition will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place diplomas, medals and remembrance gifts.

4.2 Those having successfully performed will be given online winner certificates via email.

4.3 Participants who, by the decision of the jury, will not receive the highest award will be given online certificates of participation via email.

4.4 Participants of the competition may be awarded special prizes.



Should you have any questions, we kindly ask you to address or