Reflections of the new times


What is creation to me? 

I. Stravinsky never stopped striving to invent something new, whereas M. Ravel thought it was important to write down what had already matured in him. What is recently important to me is not to invent but discover something that already exists somewhere in the unknown.



Choir as a model of eternal life

A choir, being a choir person, is an eternal profession. Why?

Revelation says that in the heavenly realm … the angels and living creatures and elders all sing, “myriads of myriads, thousands of thousands, and they sing with one voice.” Maybe in this order of choir life lies one of the possible forms of eternal life



How does cosmic turmoil occur in different seasons of the year?

In summer it is in nature, in fresh air. In autumn – in smells… of soil, decaying leaves, withering grass… In winter it is in the severe frost that purifies the whole atmosphere, in the cold. And in spring – in flowing, fast moving water…




Something happened to me the other day. I get on the trolleybus. The people are sitting, silent, absorbed, gloomy… And suddenly I see – a granny, most likely from the countryside, with a white kerchief, in modest black clothes, with a serene face and believing eyes. I still remember that scene…



On Lithuanian identity

The Germans cannot be surpassed in culture, whereas the Polish people cannot be excelled at religion. What about us, the Lithuanians? How special are we? What can we be proud of? Maybe there might be some truth in saying that Lithuanians are good thinkers? Say, the ancient sacred groves… Isn’t a grove a calm and quiet place to meditate? Or, say, our Pensive Christ, the image of contemplating Jesus. In other cultures God is depicted as suffering, blessing, forgiving, punishing, maybe even dancing, and here – He is thinking!
It is unique in the global context…