Tomas Juzeliūnas was  born on August 25, 1964 in Vilnius in the family of composer Julius  Juzeliūnas and Danutė Juzeliūnienė. Since his early childhood he was surrounded by sounds of music and artistic atmosphere.


At the age of 6, he began playing piano. In 1971-1982, he studied at the National M.K.Čiurlionis School of Art; first, he mastered piano, then music theory. At the same time, he attended an elective course with composer Bronius Kutavičius. In 1982, he entered the Lithuanian State Conservatory, the speciality of composition.  In 1983-1985, he served in the Soviet Army where he played trombone in the military band. Upon returning, he resumed his studies at the Conservatory with professor Bronius Kutavičius. In 1990, he defended his graduation thesis and obtained qualification as composer. In 1989-1991, he worked as editor in the publishing company Muzika.  In 1982-1995, he was involved in concert activities of the New Music Ensemble of Vilnius. In 2000-2013, he sang in Vilnius State Choir. Since 1999, he has been singing in Men’s Choir Sakalas. In 2018, he started working in the New Theatre as composer-performer.


Tomas Juzeliūnas began his intense creative activity around 1985. Unlike his father Julius  Juzeliūnas, a master of large forms, Tomas is more of a chamber music composer. The genre he particularly enjoys is piano music. He is also fond of various ensembles, choral music and has written some religious music as well as music for children.


The following works by Tomas Juzeliūnas should be mentioned: Telephonics (recorded music), Suite for Orchestra, Elegy for Father (for piano), Lithuanian Mass in Honour of Our Lady of Šiluva for men’s choir and organ, Piano Sonata, Water Music (for piano), Northern Lights (for string quartet), etc.


Since his young age Tomas Juzeliūnas has distinguished himself as a public activist. In 1987, he was elected as member of the Science Council of the Lithuanian State Conservatory. In 1988, he was nominated as delegate of the Founding Conference of the Lithuanian Sąjūdis. In January 1991, he was among the defenders of the TV tower. In 1988-1990, he participated in the establishment and activities of the Lithuanian World Youth Organisation Lituanica.


Tomas Juzeliūnas was also involved in arranging numerous festivals, concerts and art events. In 1987-1988, together with his fellow students he organised the Contemporary Music Festival Free Sound Session.


He also took part in festivals of creative youth Jauna Muzika (Young Music). In 1989-1997, he notably contributed to the organisation of international Happening Seminars AN-89, Ni-90, AN-97. In 2020, he contributed to the organisation of the Scientific Conference of Liberal Arts Banana Case – Everyone’s Concern. In 1995-1997, he was involved in arranging Užupis Music and Fashion Show ARMada.


One more area of Tomas Juzeliūnas‘ creative activity include short, laconic thoughts  as well as insights into various themes covering faith, patriotism, thoughts on  deep philosophical questions.

Both in his life and creative work Tomas Juzeliūnas values openness, sincerity and good will.

The Juzeliūnas family, 1970. From left to right: Julius, Danguolė, Gediminas, Tomas and Danutė. Photo by Algimantas Kunčius.
Druskininkai Festival of Creative Youth, 1987. Julius, Danguolė and Tomas Juzeliūnas..